Bluewhite Linux 13.0 is released!

This new version of Bluewhite brings many new and interesting features, improvements and packages updates. I like to share with you just a few and the important ones, but if you are interested to see all of them you have to download and install Bluewhite64 13.0 .

The first major change is a new and improved package format, we have switched to the LZMA compression algorithm to reduce the packages size and improve the decompression speed. In this way, the new packages extension changed from .tgz to .txz. Also, the package tools has been improved to work with the new packages and support other extensions like .tbz and .tlz.

Continuing our journey in the features and improvements land, we have updated the modularized to version 1.6.3 along with the drivers, libraries and utilities to create for you a stable and relaxant Since I’m writing about the feature, cannot omit that there is no need to have a xorg.conf file because all the setting are handled by HAL.

Other important changes and feature include a new generic Linux Kernel with more modules enabled (you have to create a initrd to use the generic kernel) for daily use; the new KDE 4.3.1 and Xfce 4.6.1 Window Managers; the Mozilla Foundation products (Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey latest versions); the Koffice 2.0.2 office suite for KDE4; Mplayer the popular multimedia player for Linux; improved and updated development tools, libraries, console, X applications and many more that makes Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 better then ever.

For those who want to see in more details the changes, updates, additions and improvements, there is the complete development ChangeLog of the Bluewhite64 13.0 or read the Official Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 Announcement.

Please help support the continue development and maintenance of the Bluewhite64 Linux Project by acquiring DVD’s with Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 from our store,, or buy good quality products like T-shirts, Wall Clocks, Mugs, Hats, Bags and many more.

Also, you can download Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 from the primary mirror located in Austria or select a mirror near you from the Get Bluewhite64 page.

Torrents are also available for Bluewhite64 Linux 13.0 via

Bluewhite64 13.0 Install CDs ISO – Bluewhite64-13.0 Install CD #1, #2 and #3
Bluewhite64 13.0 DVD ISO (everything) – Bluewhite64 13.0 Install DVD

Special thanks to Yucatan “Kenjiro” Costa for working on the KDE4! Also, thanks to all who sent reports, suggestions , fixes and donations, to the folks who are waiting for this release to start working on new packages for Bluewhite64 13.0 at

Have fun and enjoy! (TM)